GREG BELL has written poetry all his life. It's been a matter of exploration.

Meanwhile, he's performed several Shakespearean leads on stage and played the role of Shakespeare at Renaissance Faires, on TV & film, so he's 'mentored' by the Bard himself. Bell's solo outing as Shakespeare in the play he wrote, Alms for Oblivion played in California, Utah, Hawaii & the UK to outstanding reviews and awards.

It took a critical illness and near-death experience to renew his dedication to what he has to say via the written and spoken word. He now leads the Green Poets Workshop at Beyond Baroque. Says he, "We are the witnesses, the Jiminy Crickets of conscience, the agents of change, and we have a deal of work yet
to do!"

Publications include:

Revolutionary Brigade Poets Anthology, 2014 ('In From the Storm' & 'Gaia Returns the Favor)
Buck & Mug, 2013 ('Dance of Endings & Beginnings')
The Tydes, 2013 ('One Arrow, One Life' & 'Petty Tyrant')
Looking for Will: My Bardic Quest with Shakespeare, from Ion Drive Publications


Who was Shakespeare, really, and why
are they saying such scurrilous things about him?


LOOKING for WILL: My Bardic Quest with Shakespeare

This book is haunted. It chronicles a lifelong (and poetic) journey through the ghosts of the past toward William Shakespeare. Author & Shakespearean actor Greg Belleven calls himself "archaeologist of the invisible." Inside are a preface that admits to digging up the past and maps a trajectory, then the poetry: free verse, blank verse, Shakespearean sonnets-even a few excerpts of his solo play, Alms for Oblivion, in which Bell conjures up the Bard of Avon. Be prepared for paranormal phenomena!

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