Michael C Ford


Born on the Illinois side of Lake Michigan, he migrated with parents to Southern California at the age of 3.

About 7 years later, witnessing post MVP season of Nellie Fox with the White Sox in a rare battle with the Cubbies in an exhibition game at Pasadena's Brookside Park. An SST compilation Cd included a track celebrating that occasion.

As an audio journalist in 1986, he recorded his paean to the barnstorming ballplayers of the Pacific Coast League.

The following year it was put on a Los Angeles radio play list by Bud "the steamer" Furillo on KMPC and by Cleve Hermann on KFWB.

It was included on a compilation Cd entitled Innings.

In the summer of 2002 he has invited by the Baseball Reliquary to host an event at the Pasadena, California Central Library, to curate a verbal recognition of literature and basebal and to conjure a battling order of 9 poets who could take a few swings at the national pastime. The poets were videoed by May Rigler, later on edited by Lindsay Mofford then, wired for sound by the indispensable Tucker. An in-house audio copy was handed over to Hen House Studios, turned into a live-date production and eventualy moving into the American marketplace.

Included in his catalogue of stage plays is a 2-character pastiche which is a 1-act titled Termite Palace (paying homage to the demise of a wooden stadium in Pacific Coast League baseball history.)

His volume of selected work published by Amaranth Editions in 1998 attracted a Pulitzer Prize nomination. His latest spoken word recording is entitled 20th-Century Goodbye.

The Marilyn Monroe Concerto was published as a 6-pg pamphlet-length poem by Pitchfork Press in Chicago.

To Kiss The Blood Off Our Hands (2007) went into a 2nd printing, the same year by Ion Drive Publishing, also responsible for publishing his 2008 print document The Demented Chauffeur & Other Mysteries.








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To Kiss the Blood Off our Hands












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The Marilyn Monroe Concerto