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Excerpt from the story "Margit"

Now red squirrels don’t know magic from a hole in a tree; to them a nut is a nut and the magic radiating from this one made the little fellow’s whiskers twitch. He snatched it, and was about to open it, when a hawk, in its’ turn, snatched him up and flew away. The squirrel struck him on the nose with the nut, and the magic made the hawk sneeze and drop the little fellow and his prize. The squirrel landed (safely) by the side of a stream, knocking the wind out of him, while the walnut bounced into the water and swirled away, buffeted up and down until it was washed up on a sand bank, where it was found by a fluffy brown black cat with green yellow eyes, who began batting it about.
Now fairy magic is allot like catnip, so the kitty got pixilated and rolled the nut all about in a kittenish manner until with one mighty bat the nut flew against a rock and split open, revealing a fully
grown blond-headed and quite dizzy fairy girl with light blue eyes and a smile so wide it made the whole world want to smile along with her.
The cat, thinking her a glowing mouse, was about to eat her when it got a good whiff of her magic. Oh, how she rolled and purred and sniffed the fairy, and the fairy returned the favor. When this had gone on a long time, the fairy asked, “Where am I?”